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We offer a managed executive car service focused on performance rooted in sustainability. Our service is tailored to fit your business requirements.

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Over the years, Green Tomato Cars have built up a reputation of consistency and transparency with businesses across London. We have over 2,000 corporate customers from a variety of sectors including broadcast media, production companies, advertising & marketing, financial services, legal, accountancy, professional services, public sector and charities. Why do these businesses trust us when they need an executive taxi in London? What are we offering that makes us stand out as a preferred supplier?

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How to open a business account

Click, call or email – we are here to help.

London’s leading environmentally friendly executive car service is ready and waiting for you and your team.

  • If you are interested in opening an account click here to complete our speedy e-application form.
  • If you are the studious type read a copy of our Terms & Conditions here.
  • If you want to speak to our friendly sales team call 0207 107 0711.
  • If you would like us to contact you with some information then please leave your details here.

If you need business taxis, join us now and start to make a difference by picking Green Tomato Cars as your choice of managed transport service!

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Booking with us

Give your employees the choice they crave, whilst remaining in charge.

Choice, flexibility and control

Give your users access to the level of support they require including consultative bookings by phone or email. The online web portal is comprehensive and user-friendly, as are our iPhone and Android smartphone apps.

  • Choose from a range of security options to stop any misuse of your business account.
  • Use super-user access to administrate your account online with access to user permissions, spend reports, global address book and account settings.
  • Design the booking process the way it works for you, including designing your own email and text notifications.
  • Make billing easier by incorporating any company specific budget codes into the booking process.
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Trust our Service

After peace of mind? Do not leave anything to chance, choose a managed business car service.

Our managed service is guaranteed to deliver

A blend of silicon valley-style algorithms and London-bred logistical savvy means that we deliver an on time rate of 98% for all pre-booked journeys.

  • Our logistics staff are available 24/7 to monitor your transport and step in to smooth out any issues before they arise.
  • Transparent tracking – if you book via our smartphone app you can track your driver, but what if your car was arranged for you or a guest? Real time tracking is also available on our web portal and via an e-link in our driver en route message.
  • We are ISO 9001 (as well as 14001) certified. This means that we have robust, quality-focused processes at the heart of all aspects of our business.
  • Time is Money – if we are late for a pre-booked journey we will pay you reverse waiting time. Click here for details.
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Account Management

A team with more than half a century of experience in the London travel and transport sector

Your Business Partners

1. Aftercare – tell us about it

  • Call or write to us to discuss any issues you experience. Our Client Relations team responses as soon as possible during business hours.
  • We are transparent and will evidence any information we give you and with Telematics in all our vehicles, we can review and isolate speeding and other driving issues such as erratic cornering or lane changes.
  • If we are in the wrong we will always offer appropriate compensation and highlight what we have done to fix the problem.

2. A relationship manager to own your account from implementation to business as usual state.

  • Assistance with tailoring your service from booking form, policy restrictions to payment method and invoicing methodology
  • Organisation of financial and dashboard reporting
  • Consultancy on any ad hoc reporting requirements.
  • Ownership of service level agreements
  • Coordination of any important transport requirements you may have such as high profile events
  • A single point of contact for any issues and questions you may have
  • Your connection to any relevant business innovations from Green Tomato Cars
  • Keep up to date on best practice from your industry and beyond
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Duty of Care

It isn't enough to provide a great booking experience - what happens after counts just as much!

We are accountable

  • All of our vehicles are covered by a comprehensive motor insurance.
  • We offer generous group-wide coverage for Public & Private Liability Insurance
  • Issues with our corporate car service are rare, but when they do happen they are documented against the relevant booking, customer and where applicable driver – allowing full auditability.
  • Telematics – our driver’s performance safety and style is tracked to within a 10 second accuracy. Structured reviews feedback on areas of improvement and live push messages warn of any undesired behaviour.
  • We reward our drivers for high performance including customer compliments, app ratings and passenger feedback after every booking
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Money, money, money

Pay the way you want and receive billing data in the way that works for your business

Flexible billing and payment

1. Different methods of payment

  • 30-day credit terms – book now pay later
  • Individual Credit Card billing – make everyone accountable
  • Direct debit – one less thing to think about and you might earn a discount

2. Flexible billing – My finance director says he wants it like this…

  • Incorporate multiple charge codes and journey reasons into your bookings and reporting
  • Receive one invoice or split by user or department
  • Multiple frequencies – submit expenses as you go or do one bulk upload we can bill daily, weekly or monthly
  • Reporting – receive your invoice in CSV for ease of processing

Our featured success stories

electric cars

Brands that believe in us

Our green, trustworthy and affordable service has captured an array of loyal customers. We have grown over time from a 4 car operation, to working with over 4000 brands, with nothing but hard work & dedication, providing to some of top known brands who always commend us on our prompt, professional and ethical service.