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Eco-friendly Private Hire to book by App - ASAP and in Advance

Book your ethical better-than-cab service with Green Tomato Cars

There are many ways to book with Green Tomato Cars, from consulting with us on the phone or email to our web booker. Having said all that we are proud of our smartphone App and our customers are walking with their fingers by choosing App for more than 50% of their personal bookings.

Download and off you go!

At Green Tomato Cars we want to give our customers choice, so you can book by phone, web or smartphone app. Our app has been developed in both Android and iOS formats and it our most popular booking method for individuals on the go. It doesn’t matter if you are using us for business or pleasure, planning or spur of the moment, you can do it all in the palm of your hand. We regularly updated to ensure it is performing in tip top condition. Download the app now for your phone from ITunes App Store or Google Play Store.


Getting Started

Once you have downloaded the latest version of the app you can get started, here’s some tips: – Use the slider to choose between Business Account service or Personal mode. – If you haven’t used personal mode before you can register via Facebook or your email address. – If you are using your business account, please use your company account number, together with your own email and password to login. – Once logged in and registered in either or both modes you will continue to be logged in until you choose to log out. That doesn’t mean our app will hang around in the background like a bad smell, just that when you open it, it will be ready to use!

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Functionality for Days!

When you are used to the app you can take advantage of booking your favourite GTC services in advance or off the cuff. The app opens up by locating you by GPS and showing you an ASAP response time. If you want to book for later, there’s a button on the screen that says….’Book Later…! You can amend your contact and payment details and review your recent trips. There are lots of nifty shortcuts like booking a return, copying an old booking or selecting from a comprehensive address book of important locations around London such as airports, train stations and hotels. We regularly look to improve our app both in performance and functionality, so if it doesn’t do something well or should do something that it doesn’t – please tell us!

We are more

Looking after the environment and our customers is in our DNA. We aim to keep transport simple, efficient and as clean as possible. Being ethical means looking after our customers, environment, community and workplace. These pillars are crucial to be the best at what we do whilst contributing to London’s quality of life.

There's a reason people choose to travel with us

Get a car on demand or pre-book up to three months in advance, straight from your phone.

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