At Green Tomato Cars, we aim to provide more than just a transport service; prioritising both the environment and the customer’s experience. The electric super-car, the Tesla S, offers a perfect platform to do so, running 100% on electricity with a battery range of over 250 miles. Today we are delighted to celebrate our two models second birthday with the company, saving 50,000 miles worth of emissions around the busy streets of London!

So what actually is it? – More in common with your MacBook than your car

Since being introduced in 2012, the Tesla S has been hailed the harbinger of environmentally friendly transport technology, swimming in oodles of technological rewards including; Time Magazine Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2012, 2013 World Green Car of the Year, 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, Automobile magazine’s 2013 Car of the Year, Consumer Reports’ top-scoring car ever and in 2015, Car and Driver named the Model S the Car of the Century.

Our rather sleek Tesla S is still surprising customers across London by turning up out of the blue! We want everyone to experience the driving thrill of this state of the art electric wonder car and so we are upgrading unsuspecting passengers to the Tesla everyday. In fact you might be reading this sitting in the back of our Tesla right now. So keep your fingers crossed as you could be next.

Therefore with all this goodness travelling around the streets of London, it’s no wonder we are celebrating our Tesla’s second birthdays!