Recently, Green Tomato Cars hit a big milestone  – our fleet of Toyota Mirai cars in London drove a total of one million miles, emission-free. We’ve helped people get from A to B on-time, comfortably, and without damaging our planet. So, we thought it was about time we celebrated the cars we use and show the world how we’re changing the game for drivers across the UK.

Free Fuel 

By signing up to be a driver in one of our eco-friendly cars, we take the worry of fuel out of your hands. When you’re driving all day these costs can add up, so it’s definitely a big perk! Whether you’re filling up a Toyota Mirai with hydrogen or charging a Prius, we’ll cover the expenses to make sure they don’t come out of your pay cheque.

Hi-Tech Cars

When you’re driving around the UK, you can feel proud in one of the most hi-tech vehicles out there. The Toyota Mirai is currently lightyears ahead of most other cars speeding down the motorways, embracing futuristic technology and solving the needs of both today and tomorrow. Sleek in design and guaranteed to cause double-takes, going to work in one of these will make sure you love Mondays. 

Earn More

We believe that doing good should be rewarded – and by choosing to work for the planet, you’re definitely doing good. This is why we have plenty of opportunities for you to earn extra when you work with us, from premium fares to exclusive earning potential from zero-emission events. We’ve also optimised our systems to line up your next customers whilst you’re dropping off your first, bringing downtime to a minimum. Furthermore, our advanced Telematics software tracks your driving to offer tips on fuel efficiency and give you the chance to win bonuses for responsible driving. 

Help Out The Planet

In an age where our planet is effectively at an environmental tipping point, driving in a car that’s not making our situation worse is definitely a bonus. Being more eco-friendly should be on everyone’s minds at the moment, and if you know you’re going to work every day and helping the planet then you can be proud of what you’re doing. 

To find out more about how you can join our team or to ask any questions, get in touch with us today. We’ll be more than happy to help and show you just how your life might look like when you work for Green Tomato Cars.