At Green Tomato Cars, we think it’s important everyone does their bit to help save our planet. From taking shorter showers to buying vegetable from local farms, anything that cuts down on our carbon footprint is good in our books! But, of course, our main love is for zero-emission vehicles and we always stay on top of the latest cars and new eco-friendly tech. 

If you’re planning on taking a journey in zero-emission or electric vehicle, or you just want to know a bit more about them, we’ve put together a few of our favourites on the market at the moment. When it comes to zero-emission cars, you can trust we know our stuff! Take a look at the range of cars used in our eco-friendly private hire service here.


With a sleek design and an incredibly competitive price tag, the new Corsa-E looks to make the world of zero-emission vehicles that bit more accessible. With a 209 mile range on a full charge, they certainly haven’t compromised function for budget, but instead found a harmony between the two. It reaches 0-60mph in 7.6 seconds, an eco-mode to boost how far you can go, and a rapid charge of 80% in just 30 minutes, it’s certainly an impressive model. 

Nissan Leaf

The first generation of Nissan Leaf was released almost ten years ago and set the way for cheaper electric vehicles. Now, the company have released the second-generation and it’s certainly making a statement in the industry. The battery has had a 25% increase bringing the Nissan Leaf’s range up to 168 miles and it’s got far more power than the previous model. For easy, daily-use, this car is an ideal all-rounder. 

Hyundai Cona Electric

With a maximum range of over 300 miles (and around 250 miles with motorway speeds), the Hyundai Cona Electric brings huge battery strength to the market with an affordable price tag of under £30,000. This is something that seemed to be pretty far off just a couple of years ago, so to have the car already out is an impressive win for the electric industry! With a sizeable battery, great acceleration, and smooth performance, it’s bound to impress even the trickiest of customers. 

Tesla Model 3

It seems impossible to talk about electric cars without mentioning Tesla, and this year we’re all about the Model 3 as it finally touches down in the UK. This impressive car has a 254-mile range and reaches 0-60mph in a speedy 5.3 seconds, and it’s built with the same quality you’d expect from the company. Of course, Tesla also has to add a little of that space-age feel, and the Model 3 comes with Autopilot assistance drive which will certainly make you feel like you’re driving a car of the future. For an upgrade, try the dual-motor version which can fly from0-60mph is just 3.2 seconds and covers 329 miles. 

At Green Tomato Cars, we hand-select our fleet of zero-emission vehicles to make sure you always get the best. So, even if it’s not time for you to make the switch to electric just yet, you can still do your bit to save the planet by choosing us. Find out even more about us here.