With travellers increasingly concerned of their potential carbon footprint and demand more eco-friendly travel options, this style of travel is now more affordable. As eco-conscious travellers, exploring available options to ensure our holiday travel leaves carbon imprint as least as possible and our chosen destination is preserved for years to come is very important. Here’s a list of doable recommendations for your eco holiday travel.

Before you leave

Turning off your electrical appliances or putting them on standby still sucks up the energy. So, before leaving home, make sure you unplug them, thereby cutting out the unnecessary power usage whilst you are away.


Depending on the distance from your destination, a bus or train trip may be more energy efficient than aeroplane, and for regional trips can even be faster when taxi journeys to airports are factored in. If you choose to do a road trip, carpooling is a great way to reduce your contribution to climate change.

If you have to fly, try to minimise the number of flights you take by choosing the most direct route possible since extra take-offs and landings will add to the carbon footprint.

Carbon credits

Ever considered purchasing carbon credits for the amount of miles that you fly on your flight? If you are concerned that your holiday flights may contribute to the hastening global warming, you might want to offset the emissions by investing back in environmental projects. There are several websites that allow you to calculate your carbon footprint and donate to clean energy projects or tree-planting.

Eco-friendly accommodation

Do a quick review of your choice of accommodation as it has an impact on the surrounding environment and the local community. With an increasing number of eco-minded accommodations, it will be easier today to find an accommodation with a clear environmental policy. Also, consider booking an accommodation within an easy walking distance from your main destinations or ones on major public transportation routes.

Your stay

Not sure if your chosen accommodation has environmentally-friendly operating standards? You could still engage in your eco-friendly practices during your stay. Requesting the housekeepers to change your towels and sheets only when asked, using water sparingly, enjoying natural cooling system during the summer and buying local products to support the local economy and environment might be some simple things you could do on daily basis.

Enjoy your eco-friendly holiday travel, Greenbees!