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Eco-friendly Taxi Service in Richmond

Revel in all that Richmond has to offer by letting us take you there. All are vehicles are kind to the environment and effortless to book. We fully recognise how plans can change, and therefore make it easy for you to alter or cancel any bookings that have already been made.

Serenity in the South West

Looking for a breathtakingly scenic outing away from the city? Look no further – Richmond provides a good number of pristine parks and prime spots to admire the Thames. Get in touch with us or use our app to book your journey for your next excursion.

Riverside tranquillity

The Thames is an integral part of the landscape of Richmond and instils the growth and prosperity of the local communities. Various cafes and restaurants have popped up riverside over time, and genuinely adds to the charm of the atmosphere. Take a long, picturesque walk along the Thames, and pop into one of the many pubs or eateries for some nourishment. Adore the Georgian style architecture that lights up the area – commissioned by British architect Quinlan Terry who restored the area in the 80’s. You can admire the boats sailing up and down the river or get in one of them to get a better view of the life on land.

Manicured park fit for a royal

The distinguished Richmond Park, the largest of London’s Royal Parks, shares many points of interest. There are parts of it that are protected, and results show in the park not being populated with over 600 red and fallow deer. If you’re lucky you can catch of glimpse of these elegant creatures prancing about. More of a history geek? Go visit King Henry’s bound – a burial mound done in a Neolithic style. You also have access to a coveted view of St. Paul’s Cathedral from this point – an iconic Christopher Wren establishment. A visit to the Grade II listed Thatched House Lodge is also somewhere to visit in the park. It is historically significant in housing Princess Alexandra, as well as the American General Dwight D. Eisenhower during the Second World War.

A breathable journey

It is a straightforward process to book your ride. You are able to do it on the spot, or even book in advance so that everything is set and stone. Our impressive fleet of eco-friendly vehicles offers you a variety of choices. Looking to transport a larger group? Our range of group cars can fit 6-8 passengers. Do you want something a little more luxurious or showy? Why not cruise in one of our zero-emission Tesla S’s or the stately hybrid Mercedes-Benz E-Class. On top of class and comfort, you can ride with you mind at ease, knowing that you are causing minimal damage to the environment.  Get in touch with our caring team today to learn more.

We are more

Looking after the environment and our customers is in our DNA. We aim to keep transport simple, efficient and as clean as possible. Being ethical means looking after our customers, environment, community and workplace. These pillars are crucial to be the best at what we do whilst contributing to London’s quality of life.

There's a reason people choose to travel with us

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