In developing a power source befitting such a high-performance car, Tesla went with technology proven in the laptop computer field – rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, thousands of them! (7,104 to be precise!) Power output is then enhanced through The Power Electronics Module (PEM), dramatically increasing power efficiency compared to first generation electric cars, where the batteries can now crank out 225Kw of energy – enough to light over 2,000 incandescent light bulbs! And all completely carbon free!

So what is the point of all that electricity?

The electricity is used to power a watermelon-sized motor that not only converts mechanical power into electricity, but also turns this mechanical power into more electricity. The simplicity and efficiency of this method makes the regular combustion engine found in most cars look like a thing of the past, enabling far more mileage in terms of energy required, whilst achieving acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 2.8 seconds! Tesla says its electric cars equipped with the battery packs available can travel at 55 miles per hour for up to 300 miles on a single charge. Therefore with over 10 recharging stations around Greater London, you can quickly dispose of those negative battery rumours, as running out of juice is never an issue! Book an eco-friendly taxi journey and find out for yourself.