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greentomato on car

In the beginning was the tomato...

greentomatocars was launched as London's first green minicab service in March 2006 by Tom Pakenham and Jonny Goldstone.

Starting with only 4 cars from a small riverside office in west London, greentomatocars has become the fastest growing company in the history of London's minicab industry.  Our unique offering of a personal, high quality service - married with our promise to use only the greenest vehicles possible "that do the job" - has revolutionised our industry and helped us to become the key player we are now.

Thanks to all our customers, staff and drivers - past and present - who have been so integral to getting us to where we are today.

Our milestones are many, but we have highlighted the most significant below

  • March 2006 - launch the UK's first green minicab company
  • May 2006 - start working with BSkyB, our first major client (and still with us today)
  • September 2006 - grow to 30 cars and move to pan-London coverage
  • March 2007 - celebrate our first birthday with arrival of car number 40
  • November 2007 - release the greentomatokit, energy saving kits for the home
  • February 2008 - launch of greentomatocars Sydney
  • October 2008 - win the Industry Leadership Award at the Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards
  • January 2009 - our sister company greentomatoenergy is launched -
  • March 2009 - mark our third birthday with the arrival of car 100 and a party for all staff and drivers in Chiswick
  • December 2009 - Participate in COP10 by delivering "this place" books to Copenhagen
  • February 2010 - Overall Winner at the City of London Sustainable City Awards
  • November 2010 - become part of the Transdev Group, the world's leading sustainable transport company
  • December 2010 - award-winning video, Lasers on London, is released to wide acclaim

  • March 2011 - introduce larger vehicles onto our fleet, fuelled with biodiesel from local Waste Vegetable Oil
  • August 2011 - awarded Preferred Supplier status and contract by Heathrow Airport in recognition of our scale, service and green credentials
  • September 2011 - launch fare/share, the app for sharing taxis and minicabs in London,
  • January 2012 - launch the first 100% Electric Vehicles in the UK's minicab industry
  • March 2012 - launch "I Love Polar Bears" campaign, promoting our booking App by adopting polar bears, one of the planet's species most endangered by climate change
  • June 2012 - launch free wifi, in all of our now 300 cars
  • October 2012 - thanks old website, hello new.  A brand new digital age for greentomatocars
  • April 2013 - time for a completely new IT system - it will make our service better, more efficient and means that if our customers want us to change something, we're very likely to be able to do it.  We called our new IT system Prism - then we found out about the NSA's snooping tool. Oops.
  • April 2013 - a new IT system means a new whizzbang iPhone app and online booking system.
  • September 2013 -  our Android app launches, to worldwide acclaim, amazement and awe. 'Appy days.
  • February 2014 - provide 130 cars for the testing of the new Heathrow Terminal 2, in preparation for its opening in June 2014
  • February 2014 - roll out PayPal Here devices across the greentomatocars fleet, becoming the first minicab company in the world to accept in-car chip and pin card payments

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London's natural alternative

greentomatocars provides a quick, personal and professional service.  Our excellent prices are the cherry (tomato) on top.