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Prius deer in richmond park

greentomatocars launched as the UK's first green minicab service in 2006.

Since we started a lot has changed, but we are still very much at the forefront of the environmental movement. Through our success and growth we continue to pave the way for many other entrepeneurial green businesses to follow.

our vehicles


The lion's share of our fleet consists of the greentomato Prius - just stand on any major thoroughfare in London for more than a minute and you're bound to see one of our iconic cars glide quietly by.  The Prius is still the best hybrid vehicle on the market for our needs - smooth, reliable and low-emission.  Emissions are at least 50% less than the majority of black cabs on London's streets and considerably less than most people carriers and conventional minicabs too.


Our customers had been asking for larger vehicles for some time and we had been waiting for a hybrid model to emerge that was large enough to take 6-7 passengers comfortably.  We're still waiting, but in the meantime we've innovated and gone down the biodiesel route instead.  All our larger vehicles run on a biodiesel blend that we refine from Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO).

This WVO is collected from the canteens of local businesses (including some of our clients) and refined locally to create the biodiesel that we use to fuel our vehicles.  This results in 20% emissions reductions and a comfortable, spacious journey for you and your work colleagues, family or friends.


Our dream has always been to run a fleet of zero emission vehicles. Even now, the technology isn't quite ready to transform our entire fleet to pure electric (or further off, hydrogen or other zero emission options).  We've tested a number of EVs, including the first two in London's minicab market early in 2012.

Today, we believe that we are very close to finding a pure electric car that will be able to fulfil the challenging requirements of London's minicab market, and with that in mind are introducing the Tesla Model S onto our fleet from late August 2014.

other environmental initiatives


All our CO2 emissions are offset by 200%, meaning we buy carbon credits for double the amount of Carbon Dioxide that we emit. Since we've launched we have invested in planting trees in the UK and further afield and in energy saving projects in India and Brazil.


Our dispatch software is set up to minimise the distance our drivers travel without passengers on board.  This helps drive down CO2 emissions and reduce air pollution in one of the most polluted capital cities in Europe.

the office

Practising what we preach spreads right through the office.  We have been accredited with the very strict Environmental Management System -  ISO 14001 - since 2010.

If you want to suggest any ways we could make our operations more environmentally friendly, please get in touch.

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