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greentomato on car

We love polar bears, trees, babies, Macmillan...

Our commitment to being an ethical business doesn't stop at emissions and customer service. We are well aware of our place in society, as a corporate citizen of London and the wider world. That is why we try to do our bit in a host of other ways, which are meaningful if modest, heartfelt while humble.

We love polar bears. Do you?

Since February 2012 we have adopted more than 50 Svalbard polar bears through the WWF thanks to our "I Love Polar Bears" promotion. We continue to offer a £1 discount for all cash and card app bookings made through our apps, and adopt a polar bear for every 5,000 made.

Trees for babies

No, it's not an exchange scheme!

For the last few years, we have been working with to plant trees in the Caledonian Forest every time we help deliver a new baby. To date, we're happy for our role to have been confined to driving the mother-to-be to hospital - we don't want you thinking we're actual midwives!

Once the stork has delivered the bundle of joy, all you have to do is share the good news with us, including your little cherub's name (and yours too, if you want a mention on the lovely certificate you'll receive).

 So far, we've planted more than a dozen trees, including 2 in one go for our first greentomato twins, who were born in 2009.


greentomatocars supports a number of charities through activities undertaken in the office throughout the year.  The proceeds of this year's fundraising going to Macmillan Cancer Support.