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extra charges

When making a booking with greentomatocars, you agree that the following extra charges may be incurred on top of the original fare.

waiting time

Like other car firms, we charge if you keep the car waiting over a certain period of time. This recompenses both the driver and us for the delay. However, unlike other car firms, we pay if we keep you waiting, thanks to our unique Time is Money policy (account holders only).

Waiting time charges

  • Tim -clock -bg

    Hybrid Saloon
    40p per minute, £24 per hour

  • Tim -clock -bg

    People Carrier
    50p per minute, £30 per hour

  • Tim -clock -bg

    Executive Vehicle
    50p per minute, £30 per hour

Please note that there is no waiting time for BETA bookings and that the car will be pulled off after 10 minutes. For more information about BETA, please click here.

Grace period

Standard pick-ups:  10 minutes grace.  This means that if you get into the car within the first 10 minutes of the booked time, then there is no waiting charge.  However, if you get into the car after (eg) 12 minutes, then the full (eg) 12 minutes are chargeable.

Airport pick-ups:  30 minutes grace.  This means that if you get into the car within the first 30 minutes of the booked time, then there is no waiting charge.  However, if you get into the car after (eg) 32 minutes, then the full (eg) 32 minutes are chargeable.

card bookings

When you make a booking to pay by card, your card is pre-authorised by us to confirm that you have the available funds in your account. This pre-authorisation does not take money out of your account, but merely ring-fences the fare + 20%, which covers any potential extra charges (as detailed above). After the journey is completed, your card is charged the total amount, and releases any of the remaining pre-authorised amount.

airport pick-ups

Flight tracking

For all airport pick-ups we require the flight number.  This enables us to track your flight and ensure your driver is in the airport at the right time to pick you up.  If the flight lands late, we will send the driver in at the actual flight arrival time, rather than the scheduled arrival time.  This helps to avoid extra waiting time charges.

The driver will be waiting at arrivals with a greentomato nameboard with your name on it and will accompany you to your vehicle.

Collection (eg) 30 minutes after landing

Many customers prefer to be collected a certain number of minutes after landing.  This allows you extra time to get through customs and collect your baggage before any waiting time or car park is charged.  

For example, if your flight lands at 11am and you request to be collected (eg) 30 minutes after landing, the driver will be waiting for you at arrivals from 1130am.  The grace waiting period then extends another 30 minutes after that, so as long as you are with your driver by 12pm there will be no waiting time charged.

Please feel free to request this at the point of booking.

Car parking

For all airport pick-ups, car parking is an additional cost.  This is because all drivers are obliged to park and come to arrivals to collect you. The parking charge is added at the end of the journey, and is charged at cost.

cancellation charges

Pick-up within London postcodes     

The car must be cancelled more than 30 minutes before the pick-up time or the minimum charge is applied.*

Pick-up outside London postcodes

The car must be cancelled before a driver is allocated to you. Depending on how far the pick up is from London this can be anything from 60 minutes up to a number of hours before the pick-up time. If the driver is already allocated to the job then the running mileage (distance that the car has travelled) from Central London will be charged.

As soon as possible cancellations     

A cancellation charge applies if you book a car for as soon as possible, and you cancel it after the driver is allocated to your booking. If you have left a mobile as your contact number, you will receive a text at this point, stating that your driver is on the way. It is after this point that a cancellation fee applies.

Please note that waiting time applies to cancelled bookings if the car is cancelled after the pick-up time.

*The minimum charge can vary from account to account, but is the minimum cost for a single journey on your account.  Please contact for more information.

extra drops

There is a charge of £3 per extra drop, plus a charge for any extra mileage incurred

car parking

Only charged where it is unavoidable, and charged at cost.

baby seat

All baby seats are kept in our head office, so if a baby seat is required then the journey charge begins at our head office address. This means that if your journey is from (eg) Soho to Heathrow, it will be charged from our office (Brentford) to Soho, and from there to Heathrow. This is to fairly recompense the driver for the journey he needs to make to collect the seat.


Any soiling that requires the car to be taken out of service for cleaning will result in an average charge of £100. This covers the cost of cleaning and time off the road.

Christmas and New Year

As usual we're open 24/7 throughout Christmas, but will be very busy, so please book your sleigh ho-ho-home early to avoid disappointment. In order to ensure we provide the same high level of service over the Christmas and New Year period our rates include a 50% surcharge on the following days:

  • 24th Dec: 1800-2359
  • 25th Dec: all day
  • 26th Dec: all day
  • 27th Dec: 0000-0559
  • 31st Dec: 1800-2359
  • 1st Jan:   all day
  • 2nd Jan:  0000-0559

terms and conditions

For a full list of our terms and conditions, please click here