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greentomatocars supports fundraising drive for school in Ghana

K T SCHOOL SEPT 2009 032

greentomatocars is supporting the Kensington Temple School in Ghana in its drive to raise £150,000 to secure the long-term future of the school, and to finalise building work.  

The school has been set up from scratch by one of our longest-serving and best loved drivers - Eric Bonful and his wife Comfort. Named after the church on Kensington Park Road which Eric and his family attend, KT School ( was founded and built by Eric in his home country of Ghana in order to provide a decent education to children in the local area.

Eric’s dream at the outset was to build a self-sustaining school which could provide an excellent level of education both at junior and secondary levels to children for whom state education means class sizes of 70-90 pupils and insufficient teaching materials. Unlike many people, he set out to do just that, taking out an initial loan, building and equipping the school and now financing the loan repayments through his hard work in London while his wife runs the school in Ghana. This commitment has resulted in a fantastic achievement: the school is already educating more than 400 pupils per year and is operationally self-sufficient.

However, there is no spare money to complete the building so that it can provide the secondary education, without which the children are unlikely to fulfil their potential and, quite possibly, get jobs. Further, the fact that the repayment of the loan currently relies on the daily grind of Eric, who – in spite of his youthful looks is not getting any younger – means that the school is at risk of being closed in the event that he can no longer work to the extent that he does.

This can be solved. If Eric can raise £150,000, the construction of the facilities required to provide the secondary education could be completed and the loan could be paid off. This would enable the school to stand on its own two feet forever, guaranteeing access to excellent primary and secondary education for generations to come.

Jonny Goldstone, Managing Director of greentomatocars said, "We decided to get involved because we believe in and are inspired by Eric and his dream and also because we believe that the most rewarding charitable giving is often to people you know and trust, where the use of proceeds is clear and the impact easy to assess. Together with Clifford Chance (who worked pro bono to set up the charity) and Currency UK (who have given us special rates on money transfers to Ghana), we’ve set up a registered charity in the UK to raise the money needed to complete the building of the school and are now asking friends, family, greentomatocars customers (and anyone else - we are not picky!) to help us reach the goal of £150,000."

Goldstone continued, "I know people are always asking for money but I am confident that people will support this cause which is close to our hearts. We are urging them to donate whatever they can, however small, in the knowledge that their money will be very wisely invested and will have a very real and meaningful impact."

You can make donations – at - or via the donations page at - or by texting “KTST50 £amount” to 70070 (e.g. to donate £30, your text would read: KTST50 £30)

And finally, if you know of anyone who you think may also be interested in supporting Eric and his amazing work, please forward these details to them.