Greentomatocars and CleanSpace Helping London Breathe

Did you know London breached its annual air pollution limit for 2017 just five days into the year?

London’s air is toxic and we all need to do our part to help make London’s air cleaner and safer to breathe. Greentomatocars has always been committed to helping improve London’s environment and that is why we have partnered with CleanSpace to help tackle air pollution.

The tag has been created by Drayson Technologies with the aim to help address the severe problem. This will equip businesses and the public with the information they need to understand air pollution levels in London.

How will we collect the data?

Greentomatocars vehicles have been equipped with CleanSpaceTM Tag – and our drivers will be using the sensors daily, automatically passing on air pollution data to its customers.

Over the duration of this project we will be releasing statistics and figures on the most polluted routes around London, we will be identifying vulnerable locations for air pollution exposure, such as hospitals and schools. This will allow our drivers to use best practice guidelines for travelling through these areas, such as switching to electric mode where possible.

The first step towards change is awareness, and your journey is helping to map air pollution in London street by street that in turn will help London breathe.

Win with our Valentine's Competition!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so to celebrate greentomatocars is having a V-Day Love Story Contest to mark the occasion.

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Facebook users can post their story on our page, Twitter and Instagram users post using our handle @greentomatocars.

Winners will be sent their promo codes as a Valentine’s present on Tuesday 14th February 2017.  

The Future of the Mirai in London

The common criticism with the Mirai is the restricted infrastructure allowing for its development, such as the limited re-fuelling systems available. However, times are changing. We are on the brink of the next transport revolution and an ever increasing understanding and awareness is encouraging this new, sustainable transport!

For example, the former Mayor of London Boris Johnson commented on this development, expressing that “it is fantastic that London will benefit from these new state-of-the-art hydrogen vehicles… I am sure that Transport for London will provide the ideal environment for us to see everything Mirai can do and, in doing so, take another great step towards improving air quality in our city and protecting the health of Londoners.” The current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has continued this motive, working with ITM Power on the recent HyFive project, where £31 million is being invested to make hydrogen a viable choice for motorists across Europe. The ball has already started rolling in London, with the first of three UK hydrogen refuelling stations being launched last month in Teddington. Paul Van der Burgh, Toyota GB president and managing director builds on this, highlighting how “Transport for London and the city it serves will provide the ideal environment for Mirai to demonstrate the significant potential of hydrogen as a practical alternative fuel for the next century and beyond.”

From this perspective, it is clear the Mirai is a promising form of alternative transport, with hydrogen technology posing dramatic opportunity for the future of sustainable fuel. Just as Prius changed the world nearly 20 years ago, the hydrogen-powered Mirai is ready to make history! With a range of over 300 miles per tank, a refuelling time of less than five minutes, and emissions that consist only of water vapour, Mirai is leading the world towards a more sustainable future and through greentomatocars, you could be that next person to jump on board this revolutionary change.

What’s all the fuss about electric cars and how do they actually work?!

In developing a power source befitting such a high-performance car, Tesla went with technology proven in the laptop computer field - rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, thousands of them! (7,104 to be precise!) Power output is then enhanced through The Power Electronics Module (PEM), dramatically increasing power efficiency compared to first generation electric cars, where the batteries can now crank out 225Kw of energy - enough to light over 2,000 incandescent light bulbs! And all completely carbon free!

So what is the point of all that electricity?

The electricity is used to power a watermelon-sized motor that not only converts mechanical power into electricity, but also turns this mechanical power into more electricity. The simplicity and efficiency of this method makes the regular combustion engine found in most cars look like a thing of the past, enabling far more mileage in terms of energy required, whilst achieving acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 2.8 seconds! Tesla says its electric cars equipped with the battery packs available can travel at 55 miles per hour for up to 300 miles on a single charge. Therefore with over 10 recharging stations around Greater London, you can quickly dispose of those negative battery rumours, as running out of juice is never an issue!

Adding that extra bit of style to your Day

Labelled as one of the most stylish vehicles about, turning heads on the streets of London, customers have loved their experience in the Tesla! The unique 17 inch touch screen provides a futuristic feel for the customer, whilst the spacious environment and smooth drive is always stimulating positive feedback. This is particularly the case for business customers, where the noiseless battery guarantees calls to be taken in peace and harmony, undistracted by vehicle acceleration!

It’s clean, it’s safe and it’s incredibly comfortable, what’s not to love!?

Therefore with all this goodness travelling around the streets of London, why not book a greentomatocars and find out for yourself. 

Get Free Rides This Black Friday!

Right now, thousands of shoppers (like you) are scouring the web for discounts as the retail frenzy that is Black Friday. For the many more of you who prefer to shop offline and have been queuing outside stores across the capital hoping to snap up a cheap 4k TV, or a fancy new tablet, we've got you covered.

Like everybody else, we absolutely love Black Friday. It's so great, in fact, that you can completely ignore that chill in the air, and forget about the fact that it's only going to get colder. We'd love to keep you warm and well, so we're giving the gift of comfort. All this Black Friday weekend we're randomly giving our customers FREE TRIPS!

Anytime you book with greentomatocars this weekend you could get a free and warm trip home in a Wi-Fi enable car to make that cooler temperature seem, well, not so miserable and threatening.   

Go Big or go home? Why not do both?

Greentomatocars is known for the Toyota Prius, we started with just four and now have a fleet of over 500, and now everyone is raving about our zero-emissions the Toyota Mirai and Tesla S!

Now we’re encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprints with the launch of our new 8 seater service.

Are you taking a big group on a trip? Well our cars have always come in all shapes and sizes and now that includes BIG! We’ve made our fleet even better by adding the Ford Tourneo, which offers you maximum space and can comfortably carry up to 8 passengers including 8 large suitcases.

This is the ideal fit for carrying large groups of family, friends and travellers with excess luggage. 

Shifting Currents! Greentomatocars trials the Hyundai IONIQ Electric Car!

Making our fleet as fuel-efficient as possible is something we’re constantly working on so we’re dipping our toe in the water and trying out Hyundai’s new IONIQ electric model.

As London original eco-car service we’ve taken an interest in the latest petrol-electric player to enter the fray, Hyundai, who aims to launch no less than 28 alternative fuel models by 2020. This revolutionary car lets you choose from hybrid, plug-in hybrid or full-electric, the world's first car manufacturer to offer all three of these options.

We’ll keep you updated with our experiences with Hyundai’s next generation of electric zero-emissions and time will tell if the new IONIQ is truly iconic.

Siri can now book you a greentomatocar!

We’ve made ordering a ride even easier. If your smartphone of choice is an iPhone you’ll be glad to hear that now you can use Siri, Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, to hail a greentomatocars from your location.

When you request a ride through Siri, you’ll see waiting time and all you have to do is enter your location. Download our app and you’ll be able to get Siri to call you a car simply saying “Siri, get me a cab”. Try it now!

We hope our riders will love this new feature, and we look forward to seeing you in a greentomato car soon.

‘Bringing the future into the present!’ – Introducing the Toyota Mirai

Over a decade ago, the pioneering Toyota Prius enabled greentomatocars to start our journey. Thanks to their innovative flexible Hybrid architecture, we can now pursue our revolutionary development through the introduction of the new Toyota Mirai; the hydrogen-powered car that emits nothing but water, guaranteed to leave an impression on you, on every journey.

The Mirai signals the start of a new age of sustainable transport!

Rather than petrol, the Mirai runs on electricity created on demand using hydrogen pumped into the car, stored in carbon-fibre fuel tanks. From there, the hydrogen travels to the fuel cell where it meets air drawn into the car by the front intake grilles. The hydrogen and the oxygen react, creating electricity, which is sent to the motor to power the car. And the only by-product of creating electricity with hydrogen and oxygen? Just water. H2O.

Happy Birthday to the Safest, Cleanest Car on the Block!

At greentomatocars, we aim to provide more than just a transport service; prioritising both the environment and the customer’s experience. The electric super-car, the Tesla S, offers a perfect platform to do so, running 100% on electricity with a battery range of over 250 miles. Today we are delighted to celebrate our two models second birthday with the company, saving 50,000 miles worth of emissions around the busy streets of London!

So what actually is it? - More in common with your MacBook than your car

Since being introduced in 2012, the Tesla S has been hailed the harbinger of environmentally friendly transport technology, swimming in oodles of technological rewards including; Time Magazine Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2012, 2013 World Green Car of the Year, 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, Automobile magazine's 2013 Car of the Year, Consumer Reports' top-scoring car ever and in 2015, Car and Driver named the Model S the Car of the Century.

Our rather sleek Tesla S is still surprising customers across London by turning up out of the blue! We want everyone to experience the driving thrill of this state of the art electric wonder car and so we are upgrading unsuspecting passengers to the Tesla everyday. In fact you might be reading this sitting in the back of our Tesla right now. So keep your fingers crossed as you could be next.

Therefore with all this goodness travelling around the streets of London, it’s no wonder we are celebrating our Tesla’s second birthdays! 


Greentomatocars is talking about air quality on Sky News

On Tuesday 4th April 2017, James Rowe our Finance Director was invited to talk on Sky News to share his thoughts on the current air quality standards in London and the Mayor’s proposals to tackle the city’s air pollution crisis.

Mayor Khan has accelerated his plans to introduce the ULEZ in central London from April 2019 – 6 months earlier than expected. This means drivers will pay an additional £12.50 on top of the existing congestion charge, while buses, coaches & other heavy vehicles will pay (a total of?) £100.

To add to that, the ULEZ zone will expand from Central to Greater London in 2020 and in 2021 increase again to encompass everything inside the North and South Circular perimeter roads.

With the number of diesel cars in the city rising, despite test results showing a direct link to damaging public health, City Hall hopes the move will result in a 50% drop in emissions by 2020.

According to the Evening Standard, TfL figures show that black taxis are currently responsible for 18% of NOx emissions in central London.

London's ultra-low emission zone (ULEZ):

- Covers the same area as the existing congestion zone and will be in addition to the congestion charge

- Applies to petrol vehicles that do not meet Euro 4 standards and diesel vehicles that do not meet Euro 6 standards

- Will apply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

- Will not apply to residents living in the zone until April 2022

- Black taxis are exempt

- Replaces the £10 T-Charge which will apply for older cars entering the capital from October

(Source: BBC.co.uk)

Mayor Khan’s latest initiatives focused on tackling use of Diesel fuel and are an acknowledgment that a focus on carbon dioxide emissions in the 2000s, ignored the arguably more serious pollutants of Nitrous Oxide.

Our company was founded in 2006 by two visionaries seeking to create London’s first ethically driven and environmentally focused ground transportation company. At a time when government-backed initiatives were increasing the pollution issue by indirectly endorsing Diesel, greentomatocars made a bold move by creating London’s first hybrid (and therefore low-emitting) private hire fleet.

Today we recognise that being a trailblazer means to continually push the boundaries and living out our core values and ethics.

In 2015 we decided not to renew any of the leases on our Diesel emitting vehicles.

In 2016 we added London’s first hydrogen fuel cell private hire vehicles (Toyota Mirai) to our electric options (Tesla Model S).

In 2017 we fully intend on making a decisive change to steadily increase our fleet of zero emissions vehicles. The main barrier to making this change more quickly is the manufacturers’ ability to supply suitable vehicles for our industry and a failure to date, to establish a properly funded and structured plan to augment EV charging infrastructure in our capital city. We are also exploring other avenues in which we can raise awareness about air quality and push for change across our city.

In 2016 Mayor Khan channelled the rationale for the 1956 Clean Air Act “Just as in the 1950s, air pollution in London today is literally killing Londoners. But unlike the smoky pollution of the past, today’s pollution is a hidden killer,” he said.

He also added, “This is just a small part of the wider measures I’m consulting on to protect the health of Londoners. And I urge everyone to respond and share their views and ideas to help tackle this public health emergency.”

(Source: Cityam.com)

This is why although we absolutely back Mayor Khan’s proposals, they only validate what we were already doing. In an industry which directly contributes to the pollution problem, we believe we have a responsibility to go beyond the statutory requirements and be standard bearers for positive change.

5 ways you can be a more sustainable business traveller with greentomatocars

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greentomatocars: Racing to stay ahead in a low-emission world

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greentomatocars celebrates 10th Birthday by launching new hybrid private hire service

greentomatocars, London’s memorable and original green car service, is celebrating its 10th birthday by launching a new service with more hybrid vehicles and lower prices.

From today, greentomatocars’ two Prius services are being combined under one name: ‘Hybrid’, giving customers access to a bigger fleet in one place. In addition, a special promotion during August for customers choosing the Hybrid service via the app or web, will give 35% savings off all ASAP journeys. Drivers will receive 100% of ASAP fares, with the cost of the price reduction being carried by greentomatocars. 

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greentomatocars launches new hyrbid private hire service

Mini-cab firm Green Tomato Cars is celebrating its 10th anniversary by launching new service with more hybrid vehicles.

The new service, known as ‘Hyrbid’, combines Green Tomato Cars’ two Prius services to give customers access to a larger hybrid fleet in one place.

Pricing for the new ASAP Hybrid service will be based on distance travelled and journey time, which is designed to better reflect traffic conditions, while the Green Tomato Cars’ pre booked service will continue to offer fixed pricing.

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greentomatocars launches combined ‘Hybrid’ service

London-based minicab service greentomatocars has launched a new service offering more hybrid vehicles and lower prices as it celebrates its 10th birthday. 

Effective immediately, the firm’s two Prius services are combined under one ‘Hybrid’ solution with journey pricing based on distance travelled and journey time to better reflect the traffic conditions.

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Greentomatocars adopts Greenroad telematics to increase safety

Greentomatocars has introduced Greenroad telematics technology to help it increase safety and improve driver behaviour.

The system monitors more than 150 different movements and detects when a driver performs a manoeuvre such as sharp cornering, swerving, harsh braking or sudden acceleration.

The private hire company already prides itself on the safety of its drivers but wanted to promote a culture of continual improvement so installed the technology in 300 of its vehicles this year.

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